For the designs of the THOMAS FRIEDEN brand we have found countless inspirations in our company history and archives - in traditional floral motifs and in the magpie, the historic trademark.

The collection Feuille Divine features floral motifs that reflect the same themes predominant in jewellery making in the Frieden workshops over one hundred years ago. These motifs were mainly found in the jewellery of traditional Swiss costumes. During the “Art Deco” and in later periods many of these motifs were used, further developed and refined.

The magpie is not alny a stamp that guarantees quality, but also part of the design.

In early times, the bird was a symbol for freedom and inspired the imagination of human beings. The ease and elegance of birds fascinated again and again. The collection Oeil Magique features this elegance and light-heartedness that man admires but can never truly imitate.

The collection Fleur Céleste symbolizes the awakening of nature that we experience every year in spring. It seems as though at almost at any moment, the fine bud-like designs will begin to unfold, and show their magnificent and precious beauty. The unique combination of diamond crystals with natural pastel coloured diamonds makes also these floral designs very desirable.